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Testing Wildfire and co


I m currently writing a c# library to communicate with Jabber server (Mainly Wildfire) and would like to know if there is a public WildFire server that

allow me to test my library.

I would like to avoid to buy some Firewall, NAT, machines etc… to have a REAL WildFire running and not a WildFire on my local machine !

My library work fine in local, but would like to test if I can traverse my firewall and NAT … but for this I need a WildFire server on the net !

So, if someone can help me this way ?



Hi Krys

Sorry, I don’‘t know about public WildFire server. However I think, you need to tell more about your c# library, like what it supposed to do and if possible post a source code so that if someone who is generous enough to let you test their server can be secure that you won’'t do harm to their server. Or there might be admin who is interested in your library which can be used under GNU license will help you with your library. Just my opinion though.



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I understand but the library is part of a project here and I cannot post it as Open Source… or my boss will kill me

I hope you understand

Hi cdemez,

Why not just setup your own Wildfire server to test against?

And, not to discourage you, but have you looked at any of the exisiting url=http://www.jabber.org/software/libraries.shtmlC#/.NET libraries[/url] that are already out there?

Hope that helps,


what about jivesoftware.com ? it’'s running latest Wildfire version and i have registered there without problems for a weekly Group Chats.

BTW, it’'s Wildfire, not WildFire, like Firefox is not FireFox