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Text Client, Console Client for windows

my need Text Client, Console Client for windows.

for auto-send message from scripts

You might want to look at the Smack API if you want to script sending messages

… there are also Perl XMPP modules and one may assume that nearly every language has an API to connect to XMPP server. Of course if you want to launch an heavy java program just to send a message you want to use Smack.


You should check out this thread and there are some info for that.


hmm… for windows

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help me for use smack API

You can start by reading the documentation, and if you have any problems with it, check out the Smack fourm here.


thank you, =) me look it.

take me example. i hav`t experience…

Hi Sergii,

you should find a lot of examples within the documentation and also in the Smack forum. Please mark this open question as answered and post here[/url] if you need more help using Smack.