Text Client, Console Client

http://konst.org.ua/centericq/ ********** Not Working with JM, not responding, no error log in JM

http://freshmeat.net/projects/mcabber/ ********** Does not have support for MUC

http://freshmeat.net/projects/cabber/ **************Project never Finished

http://ekg2.org/en/index.php ************** Does not have English Version!!!



my coworker make it working, I haven’'t try it yet.

Benefit of text client:

I don’'t see much but I believe that some people might be able to point out a lot. Right now, I see one is that you can use text client for your handheld device like pocket PC and treo by setting up ssh connection for them and Bingo!

I recommend CJC (Console Jabber Client). You can get it from cjc.jabberstudio.org. You need to use the most recent snapshot, though, and it requires the pxympp Python module (should be pyxmpp.jabberstudio.org). So far it’‘s been the most featureful of all text Jabber clients I’‘ve used. It works with all the transports I have (I haven’‘t registered with it, but it honors those I’‘ve already registered), has MUC support, and… well, it’'s just pretty dang nice. Again, make sure you use one of the most recent snapshots, though.