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Text formatting for imgateways

Hi ,

I am developing a multi IM client based on xiff. I have already sending and getting messages from different transports ( xmpp to gtalk , and yahoo).

My problem is text formatting for messages as when i am sending normal message (textfield.text) it is working perfectly but if I am using (textfield.html) html formatted messages it is sending blank message to gtalk clients and yahoo clients.

For example if my message is "<B>“gunjan</B>” it is not showing in the gtalk messenger and if I am using “gunjan” then it is going to gtalk.

I have tested same thing with yahoo with no result but if i am using “<b>gunjan</b>” then it is working perfectly for yahoo users (result is- gunjan)

This method is not working on gtalk users.

I am totally confused what the error is… My main aim is to send messages to gtalk and yahoo etc users with proper html formatting (bold,italic,underline etc)

Please help me .

Gunjan kumar

could it be possible that your gtalk client can’t show the html formattet text? what happens if you send a message with both plain text and html?

on the other hand … who wants to format his text with html?

thanks for help @SmilingJ,

I have tested it on meebo and pidgin --both are supporting html formatting.

I have tested the same user (xyz@gmail.com) to send some message from other multi IM websites (abc@gmail.com ) and it is showing the html formattings.

So this shouldn’t be a issue.

Please help anyone.

Still not getting any solution for my flex based jabber chat. No clue for formatted text. I have to give the bold,italic and underline etc fetures to my chat window.


Hrm. Well first of all, HTML formatting should not be used in the of messages. The body of messages is strictly for plain text as defined in the spec. If you were to put ****


in the body of the message, it -should- display with the html tags as plain text. Why it’s blank … is not cool. HTML type formatting is supposed to be handled via the xhtml extensions:

If I’m understanding you right, it gets through to a Google Talk client and is completely blank??? I’m not sure what would be causing that.

Google Talk may have some sort of xml traffic viewer too (debugging tool maybe?) that could show you exactly what traffic is arriving at it too. I don’t know though, haven’t done much with Google Talk.

Oh, and lastly, the IM Gateway plugin does not support XHTML yet. So if you send messages with XHTML attached to them through the transport, it will be discarded. That still doesn’t explain why the html+message is vanishing entirely.

thanks for your valuabe help jabestorm,

as you said without xhtml we can’t use text formatting and imgateway plugin doesn’t support xhtml it means we can’t give html formatting to texts for gtalk or yahoo etc chat clients.

Still i am working for any solution !http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/images/emoticons/confused.gif!, As i have tried some html Entitties for yahoo messanger from my jabber client it is working ( i have already explained it–first post of this discussion)

example -

<b>gunjan</b> – result in yahoo messanger (or pidgin client for yahoo) gunjan

– result in gtalk (or pidgin client for gtalk) <b>gunjan</b>

both the time i am sending this string in between body tag

as var curText:String="<b>gunjan</b>"

<body>curText</body > etc

And this thing is perfect with yahoo messanger so we can’t say is there any issue with imGateway ( for all IM)