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Text link to start chat w/ fastpath?

Title pretty much explains it all - I’d like to make a TEXT LINK to start a chat rather than use an image. I’d prefer that it tell whether that department is online or offline, however if that’s not possible or if it’s complicated, a simple “LIVE CHAT” text link that initiates the popup would do just fine.

Thanks for any help.

Nobody, really? I can’t imagine this has to be too complicated…


Did you find any solution ? I’m experiencing the same kind of issue : I want to generate full HTML block from a PHP application, based on the queue status. I’m ready to use either JavaScript query to Openfire FastPath server, or to query the MySQL database directly (but I cannot find any updated record in the database when agents are online or not !)

Thanks in advance,


No, I did not find a solution yet… Nobody here seems to know, seems to me it may be impossible w/o custom coding.

With out recoding the fastpath software this is not possible. The graphic is based on a javascript that is part of the webchat.war. Why not just use a simple text graphic if that is all you want.

I hope this helps. I use this for my sites

Just replace the XXXX’s with your site name and workgroup name.

The only problem is it will not upadate status


forgot to close the script code ; corrected

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Better than nothing, by far, thank you very much