Text Messaging

Hi… Just wondering would it be possible to add the ability to send Text Messages to cell phones via the plugin… I guess it could be done as an email transport and then allow admins to setup the cellular providers as a helper… E.G. Verizon = cell# + @vztext.com … Then the person would just need to add the cell phone number to their roster and it would send a recieve texts… If you were to do it via email though you would need to figure out a way to check the mailbox for the response…

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Hrm. Well, while I think this is a good idea, I don’'t think it really fits into the IM Gateway framework. The IM gateway framework revolves more around the concept of “logging into a service and then interact with it”. This is more of an im to email or SMS translation. I think this could be done quite smoothly with a separate plugin though! hint to anyone looking to write a fun plugin

Hi Daniel,

I’'m still thinking about a very simple HTTP-based chat (not JEP-0124, no AJAX) which works with mobile phones using WAP.


That would be cool =)