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Text too small to read

We have a few people that the font is too small for them to read in the messages as well as the spark online names. Has anyone found a way to incureased it on one computer and not another?


I’'ve looked everywhere for a way to make the text larger, but found nothing.

I’'d love this feature as well!

It would be nice if we could have the option to make the font size larger. I have trouble seeing it especially the numbers.

The text is really too small! The numbers and symbols are especially hard to read. Can’'t we make it larger?

I checked with Spark via the online chat and there are no plans at this time to change this. Perhaps if we all inquire via the online chat, the request for this enhancement will make it faster.


I would like to give this a bump because I would like to see this feature also. It would be nice for the UI to be able to have larger fonts and writing and recieving messages in different sizes.

maybe not so much a different type of font just different size.

i have to agree I’'ve had a couple people ask me whats up with the font . it would be nice to be able to change the font size in the properties and in the im window.

I’'d love this feature, as would all our chat reps.


there’'s already an open issue: SPARK-573

Please vote for this issue (register a new JIRA account if you don’'t have already one to be able to vote for this and other open issues).


So, this issue is already solved in 2.5.3 (though not listed in changelog) - Preferences > Appearance

that is an awesome undocumented feature. that was my only real complaint with the client