That the correct icon in Spark for not connecting?

If you check the screen scrape (attached) you will see the Safari icon over the top of the stop sign. Is that correct to show the Safari icon? Is there a better icon. I wonder if some novice users will think this has anything to do with Safari & confuse them? No big deal but wanted to query the community. Ceers. Thanks. Sjobeck

I wouldn’t worry too much about it (never used Mac before :stuck_out_tongue: ) although in windows a different result is produced, will look into it though.

Yeah, not worried about it but just wondering out loud. Or for that matter if we cant decide on a more common, more appropriate, better set of icons for all platforms, that work for everyone, that’s all.

I also notice that the icon for Spark on Windows if you install using the “online” installer (MSI) is a nice little flame icon, the expected icon, while the icon when using the offline installed (the EXE) is different, it is a little notepad looking thing. So now I have users who moce from machine to machine around the office throughout the day asking where their Spark is when it is sitting right there on the desktop. Why are these icons not the same?

So, basically, who about a quick run through all the icons to merge them in to one good set for everyone?

Thanks everyone.


The MSI’s and EXE’s are built using different software, although, the EXE’s should a flame on unless you have a weird XP that is trying to do something else with the EXE. The icons should be pretty much universal throughout spark anyway.

Thanks for quick post. Thanks for info’. Appreciate it.

Nope, plane jane standard XP (SP2) with nothing going on. You get a differnet icon from the MSI & the EXE. Seen it now a lot of times. What else can I show/tell/look-up/etc for us on that one? Anything? I have about 25 machins in a clients office with about half & half installed each way (before we knew it mattered, since some people already had JRE & some didnt).




Hmm, well, personally, i wouldn’t consider this a major issue, from all the ones i’ve dealt with they’ve pretty much had an Icon although, let’s see how 2.6.0 goes.