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The ability to reset password

It would be great to be able to reset your password or have a forget my password option.

Thought of this when I was trying to remember my password for the Jive Messenger jabber server

Hey huwnet,

Currently the only way to reset a user’'s password is to ask an admin to log into the admin console and set a new password for the user. There is no support for “answer a question” and we will send you your password (or a new one) to your email. I filled the issue JM-505 for this improvement request. Feel free to vote for it to raise its priority.


– Gato

Thanks for adding it

Also could an admin please reset the password for huwnet on the jive jabber server. Thanks

Hey huwnet,

In order to keep your password private (i.e. not mention it here) I’'m going to need to know your email address so I can send it to you. You can send me an email or just publish your email address here or complete your user profile.


– Gato

You have mail