The java memory increases but not decreases. Help.!

good afternoon

I have a problem with my openfire server what happens is only JAVA memory increases and not decreases then when the memory reaches 100% is dropped server.

I need your help, someone can help me with the solution.

Try setting the system property ‘xmpp.pep.enabled’ to false and cycling Openfire.

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Thank you very much for your help David

The problem is that I find the option to ‘xmpp.pep’ to change it, the only options I see are the ones you write down.

What will be the option you have to go to ‘false’?

xmpp.auth.anonymous true

xmpp.client.idle 360000 true

xmpp.domain sj-jabber-01

xmpp.proxy.enabled true

xmpp.proxy.port 7777

xmpp.server.session.idle -1

xmpp.session.conflict-limit 0 true

You will need to add a new property - xmpp.pep.enabled, and set it to false.

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ok, friends very thanks, but before creathing property, can you explain for that is that property in order to make the change because our server provides services outside the country and would not want to risk having a problem.


It’s a well documented issue.


Hi David

Thanks for your help, you had reason, to disable giving xmpp.pep.enabled the memory not problems and has already more than a month without the server falling, but now I have the problem that users can not see the I think pictures the friends who is involved with the property that disable but I’m not sure I could help with this problem, I have read but I not find the solution.