The latest version of Openfire Bosh TLS will disconnect after a period of time. After using nginx TLS to connect to port 7070, the connection will not be disconnected again. Is there any problem with the TLS connection

Curious? This seems to be the Strophe library that is being used. What client is this?

How much time is there between each request?

We use strophe.js, which is the SSL port connected by Bosh. The request time is not fixed, and the heartbeat ping is once in 1 minute. Sometimes the ping sends no response, and sometimes iq or message. If we use nginx There is no problem converting port 7443 (SSL) to port 7070, but connecting directly to OpenFire 7443 can cause problems, which is strange

Some time ago, I raised an issue with the Strophe project. It appears that an incorrect value is used for a timeout to restart a new connection. I do not see why it would be different for TLS vs non-TLS, but maybe it’s related.

The issue you mentioned also has a status return value of 404, but my request response has no status value, and the responses are all empty, just like the request cannot be reached