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The maximum number of sessions


Recently I installed the latest version of Openfire and configured for LDAP authentication.
At the same time faced with the following problem. When the number of sessions is greater than 100 (approximately), new clients can not connect to the server.
What can influence it and how to fix it. that would connect could all (about 300) users?

There is no hard limit of sessions. You are most probably running into resources issues. Check Openfire logs and post them here (better to attach as txt files).

Today client is connected properly. Maybe when i first start server, the server a long time was getting user from AD.

Today, there was this error.

2017.02.14 12:05:35 org.jivesoftware.openfire.nio.OfflinePacketDeliverer - Do not send packet

Check the logs in Openfire (installation folder/openfire/logs). You will find all.log file there. Attach it here.

all.log.zip (5921 Bytes)

For some reason the whole log is only for 15:46:41 second… Which is not very useful and very strange. You server generated such a long log for one second in time. I would suggest deleting all logs. Then wait for another auth error in the client and copy logs then. Also don’t forget to tell the exact time of error occurance in the client, unless it happens all the time.

I reinstalled the openfire with CentOS on Ubuntu and the problem disappeared. Now everything works fine.

Thank you for your response.