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The multi person room session got stuck when joining the room, resulting in no response to subsequent invitations

Smack calls join() timeout after receiving invite


After the joinroom () method throws an exception, it seems that the execution of this method will not end

What version of Openfire are you using?

I see that you are using proprietary plugins in your instance. Does the problem occur when you remove those plugins?

Can you please provide a thread dump that is created at the same time that this problem occurs?

jvm_listlocks.txt (314.7 KB)
After using the service for a period of time, a deadlock will appear. Can I use taskengine submit to switch thread execution to unlock it

The deadlock in this stack trace involves proprietary code, that typically is not part of Openfire. In particular, there is a package com.feige.dispatcher.FeigeSortDispatcher that I do not recognize. Do you still have deadlocks if you remove that code?