The new Spark 3.02 is nice but

It is well known that the IM Client is a popular app for developers. As IM Clients go Spark has developed very well over the years. However, apps like PSI+ still have many attractive features not yet in Spark. Such as the selection of a system font for the current theme…or even the creation and use of a custom theme instead of the default two.

This is not a hard task, but one that would add considerable feature strength.

Also I wonder if there is any thought to using JavaFX to do this. That would lend a lot more flexibility to the design and implementation.

Thanks for the feedback, but there’s only about one person occasionally working on Spark. If it isn’t a hard task, are you able to submit a PR doing it?

We’d love to do more with Spark. I’ve been a spark champion for YEARS!! Unfortunately, finding volunteers and developers to help push spark along has been difficult. More so in a web-based and mobile first environment. Fortunately we have a couple of devs trying to keep it alive, but more is needed. If you or someone you know is willing to get involved, we’d appreciate it!