The "official" list of prohibited characters in WildFire?

I easily found that whitespace, slash, '‘at’'sign characters are not allowed in the username field in jiveroster table.

I guess overall jabber’'s set is not allowed ( in WildFire.

But that is an experimental data and my guessing, it’'s not ensure that I will not have problems with some other characters.

Therefore, could I found the “official” list of prohibited characters in WildFire?

Or just tell me, please, what characters better do not use.


as far as I can tell you can use “@” without a problem within a username, but you need to escape it. Some clients do this for you, others don’'t.

See for more details.


Hi LG,

Yes and got troubles with IM clients => lots questions form users => problems with my boss. I think, much easy to me to force users do not use some characters.

And the list of those characters was described in RFC3454 ( 5. Prohibited Output, C. Prohibition tables).

Am I right?


Thank you, it2000