There are official system hardware requirements for Wildfire?

Somebody knows if there are official system hardware requirements for Wildfire server? I’‘ve read different hardware configurations in the forum but I’'d like to know if jive software recommend some minimun requirements for Wildfire and spark…



there are no official requirements I’'m aware of.

So you may calculate 1 GB and 1-2(?) GHz for 1000 users within Wildfire.

And 64-128 MB for every client running Spark.


So would that mean for 20,000 users you’'d want 20 gigs of ram?

if you have that many users online at anytime, it would be wise to deploy WF system with 4 CM each using 4GB Ram to assure the performance. So 20GB of RAM is a good answer, I believe.

Please pardon my ignorance, but where can one find the connection manager software?

Connection Manager Module link (top right menu)

He Oleg, you’‘re ahead of me. That’'s not fair (;

1 GB for 1000 users (concurrent users, not registered ones) may be a little bit too much and really depends on the components you offer. I didn’'t test it with the Connection Managers, maybe there the memory requirement is smaller. One did test Take a look at for a small stress test report.


Wow !! that’'s a lot of memory !, Thank you very much for the info

by the way… there is a recommendation for the type of network connection? speed? or something?