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This forum software to tell searchengines NOT to index attachments?

I noticed that there is an exposed degub.log from an forum thread when searching with email of a friend on google. Actually friend noticed me on this…

So could this forum software have metadata that says not to index attachments on the forum? Or at least an option at postingtime to choose if it would be done or not…

As it is debugging info for connection troubleshooting there is a lot of too sensitive info in it for everyone to see…

This post I’m talking about in this case: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/178182#178182


you may want to edit this thread and remove the log. Why do you post sensitve information in a public forum? Zipping with a password and sendig the password within a private message is much saver - while I’d edit files before uploading them.


Well the info isn’t THAT sensitive that there is need to hide it from everyone that can read the forum, but still so that no random person should find it on the google.

Sure I could also edit file before upload, but that’s huge files we’re talking about…

Also more generally what is the point of search index attachments?


there are documents which have attachments and it makes sense that one can search also the content.

One could block Google with “Disallow: *.log” in robots.txt but also this is a bad idea. Because if one searches for “org.igniterealtime.openfire.SillySearchException” one may want to search also in the log files to see if one had this problem before.


The ability to search attachments is a feature of the system. If you don’t want information turning up on google, I’d advise not posting it to a public forum. Same advise as LG, remove the log, though, it’s been there for many months, and its in google, so it’s going to live in internet caches indefinitely.