This is my 2K milestone :)

Before I make any other response I wanted to send this post for my 2K milestone.


– Gato

Congrats, you rule.



Bill only needs 1,963 posts to catch up to you Gato, you had better watch out!

Oh yeah, you know I’'m on a mad dash for that.

Make that 1,962 to go.


This is my “I did overtake Oleg” reply to your 2000 milestone.

Congratulations Gato.


heh the higher you get, the harder you fall (something like that)

Congrats, Gato. BTW, soon you can celebrate your 2000 points also

Thanks guys. I’'m now waiting to hit 2K points so we can have a party. Any excuse for a party is a valid excuse.


– Gato

Uh-oh. Your catching up to my post number way too fast!


it2000 wil get us all eventually


!|src=http://www.j|style=position:relative; top:-53px; left:-95px;!Hola Gato,

you did hit the 2K points