This week''s chat (6/15/2006)

Hey all,

The transcript to this week’'s chat is attached. Topics included:

  • Open source of spark progress

  • A Smack bug reported by Ryan

  • World Cup Soccer

  • A new notification feature coming in Wildfire 3.0

  • TLS issues with GAIM and some other clients

  • Various Spark features



World cup is greatly,i may foresee champion one of Brazil or Argentina or Italy.and Ghana can break into quarterfinal.

Hey tom,

I’'m going to be impartial here ( ). But which was the best game (so far) of the world cup? Should I need to say more?


– Gato

PS: Next great game…this Saturday (4PM Argentina time)

Hey Gato,

i think it is most friends match on Argentina vs Holland. i like CRESPO,RIQUELME,MESSI in Argentina team. but i more favor to yellow Brazil


PS:due to Ghana will challenge Brazil next far as i know Ghana won’'t come into quarterfinal.

Will you be posting the transcript to this week’'s[/i] chat soon?