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This week''s group chat

Hey all,

Thanks to everyone that joined today’'s group chat. I attached a PDF transcript to this message. As a reminder, info about the group chat is at: http://www.jivesoftware.org/group-chat.jsp

As I did last week, I’'ll assign points to anyone that was in the chat that replies to this thread.



Hi All,

Thanks for having us over today. It’'s nice to be able to see what everyone is working on and to get some idea of where this project is going.

And thanks too for filling the JM-138 issue.


Hi again:) Well, it was nice to chat, though i came only near the end. My first chating after a 1.5 years break:) Web Group Chat works buggy with Firefox. Never mind, next time i’‘ll try some jabber client. I’'ve read todays chat transcript. Exciting:) So we can hope to have 2.1.1 final this week?:slight_smile: Maybe Exodus will start to work a little better with group chat.

And it was interesting to hear about TimerTask plugin. I’‘m not a programmer, and i’‘m not sure we’'ll need such. But it could be useful. So, if anyone create some plugin, post it in forum or in chat:) Will appreciate.

Ok. time to go to bed:) Sweet nightmares:)… or nightbuilds:)