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Thread links refer to first post instead of last one


since the upgrade to the new forum software I noticed, that when I click on a thread it links me to the first post (by thread opener) instead of the last post.

Is it by design or a bug? It used to be the other way round with the old software.

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I think this is by design as the threads list, “What’s New” widget (not a good name choice in this situation), shows only the original name of a thread and the author of the thread. As opposed to the older version, when it was showing “Re: name of the thread” and the author of the last reply in the list. As it shows the original message, it goes to that original message. Not sure though that in the old version it was the default behavior. I was using a custom view with Recent Content widget i think. Not a fan of a new way, as i don’t see who has replied last on the thread at the glance. Usually that was enough to see if there is a new post (especially if i saw my own avatar as a last poster).

Though, i was using a flat view with pages (15 per page) and if there were more than 15 posts it was always going to the first page

Try the hidden /activity - there you can click on ‘30 mins ago’ within the reply and it takes you to the reply.

@wroot there you can also create a custom stream and follow yourself. Auto-follow should be active and all replies should be in your inbox. So no need to look for replies manually any more … as long as you use the new ui.

You know my feelings about the Activity page I prefer the dense view of threads list and then selecting what i want to read all in separate tabs and when i go to a tab i can read all the story without clicking on Show more links. Inbox is not my thing also. I don’t want/need to go to every webpage and check for updates. They flow to my central hub of notifications - email.