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Thread Manager

I was wondering if it would be plausible to use a thread manager to control the creation of the reader\writer threads.

For security reasons, I need to control the creation\management\termination of all threads in my application, and I am really keen to use the Smack library however this one issue is stopping me.

If anyone else would like to see this functionality in place, please post here.

I will attempt to implement this functionality myself, and would do so in the first, place but re-implementing with every Smack release is painful


Hey Ray,

After you have finished implementing this nice improvement and if you want to contribute your code to the project just let us know. We are willing to include members-contributions.


ā€“ Gato

Sure thing. Iā€™'ve added it without any headache, i just need to test it and see if it works for what i want.

Hopefully Iā€™'ll be able to flush it out this weekend.

I am done. Finally.

Had some other issue I needed to resolve prior to working this out.

Where would I post may changes?

Awesome, just send them to me by email.


ā€“ Gato