Three Kraken questions

First, Kraken has an option for “use legacy protocol” under MSN - on mine, this is currently enabled. What are the pros and cons of this, and might it be necessary to change if Kraken stops working with MSN?

Second, GTalk - the presentation of names in my roster for GTalk users seems to be down to the user - if I change it, the change does not last. MSN has this as an option, which I have cancelled so that I have more control. However, it seems to be compulsory with GTalk. Is there any way to cancel this on GTalk?

Third, Facebook - this is somewhat similar to the GTalk question. All my Facebook friends are in a group called “Facebook Friends” with their names presented as on Facebook. If I change any of this, it only lasts until I next connect the Facebook transport. Is there any way to have the names as I want to present them and distribute them among groups as I choose?