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Three question 4.1.4 Win Openfire , Spark 2.8.3

Guys help .

  1. Can’t configure Spark to looking for users on any part of your name , email , Department

2.I can not think the ka to configure the display in Spark’s Name (Name = Name + Name)

3.How to make sure that all the contacts from the Ldap show all users that no one who does not added


  1. There is no way to search by a department. Spark can only search by name, username and email. It works fine when no LDAP is used and embedded database is in use. But there are some problems either when using external database or LDAP. The problem began after the security fix in the Search plugin.

[SPARK-1873] Search doesn’t work with AD integration - IgniteRealtime JIRA

[OF-1284] Search in clients do not work with standalone database - IgniteRealtime JIRA

  1. Using shared groups. After you have setup LDAP integration in Admin Console go to groups, open a group and enable Contact list sharing and select either All users or groups you want them to see this group. Though, there were a few reports in the forums, that it throws an error that the group is read-only. It should be read-only, as it pulls the info from LDAP, but it should still allow to enable sharing. Could be a bug in the latest versions.