Time has malformed XML

Hi guys,

I’ve been using EntityTimeManager with Smack 4.1.0 and finding it is generating malformed XML while using getTime(String jid) method,as follow,


There is add a more “>” after “‘urn:xmpp:time’”.

And I think the cause is the mothod getIQChildElementBuilder in Time class should be not include rightAngleBracket.

So it should be remove “buf.rightAngleBracket();”

in method,

protected IQChildElementXmlStringBuilder getIQChildElementBuilder(IQChildElementXmlStringBuilder buf) {


And I found the same issue in the master branch.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks for reporting SMACK-698. I’ve uploaded Smack 4.1.5-SNAPSHOT which should fix the issue. Could you try it and report back?

Yes, of course.