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Timed rooms - a possibilty?

Dear members,

Is it possible for me to specify a timeframe for the room’‘s validity? Say, can it be something like from the owner’'s login time, it expires within an hour?

Much better would it be the case if I could send an alert say, some 10 minutes before the validity gets over!

Thanks and regards,

Vimal Kumar S

Hey Vimal,

Do you want to destroy the room “a moment later” after it was created and configured? There is no such functionality in the url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0045.htmlMUC spec[/url]. So your best chance is to implement that functinality in your client application.

This means that you will need to develop a scheduler that will monitor the creation time of the rooms, enter the room (must be an owner) and destroy it. When destroying the room you can specify a message that will be sent to the room occupants.

– Gato