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Timeout on connection

Hi everyone,

I use the XIFF library and it’‘s great, thanks Sean and Jive! I’‘m wondering if the XMPPConnection code aborts an attempted connection to a server after a certain amount of time. And, if this is the case, where can I set the amount of time allowed for an attempted connection? I’‘ve looked through the code and through the forums, but can’'t figure it out.

In my case, I have users that are attempting to connect to my jabber 1.4.3 server who are in California the country and my server is in the northeast. These users (and it does seem like only these users) have intermittent connection problems. The same machine will and won’‘t connect. Now, there are a variety of things that might cause this behavior, I know. But, I’'m wondering if differences in the quality of the connection and specifically the latency between the client machines and my server from day to day might be tripping this timeout value.

If anyone knows that there is no such timeout functionality in the XIFF library, that information would also be very helpful to me as I would focus my efforts entirely in other areas.