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Timeout problem


i am having problems to connect to my server

the problem seems to be the timeout

my server autenticates the user and sends the stream… but i get a Exception befor it’'s recived…

any idea?



Sounds like you’'ve run into a similar problem other people have reported. Until a setTimeout(int milliseconds) method is implemented in the XMPPConnection class you can download the Smack source and make the change yourself; currently the default is set to 5 seconds.

Today I checked-in a modification that allows you to set the timeout of many classes (XMPPConnection, AccountManager, GroupChat, and Roster).

You have two ways to modify the default values of these classes. You can either do it programmatically like for example

XMPPConnection.REPLY_TIMEOUT = 8000

or you can modify the file smack.configuration (new file that holds many Smack configuration) like for example



– Gato