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Timestamp of delivered message

How do I get the timestamp of a message, when it’'s delivered to the server ? I need a timestamp for ordering the messages in a small JTable. The messages comes from an PSI client or a ruby script. Currently I create a timestamp in my client and display this in the table. That works. But if I receive more than one messages (i.e. if the client goes online) the client creates allways the same timestamp.

I try to use DelayExtension. That doesn’'t work with my application



If you are recieving messages when your client comes online you should be recieving the delay extension as part of the message packet. Check the packet in the debugger window to see if the time stamp is on it when coming online.


I tried to use the delay extension like posted in the forum before. When I try to access the timestamp via the message it’'s allways null. The message in the debugger window contains no timestamp. Is it a problem with the settings of our Jive Messenger server ?

Thanks Markus

hi guys,

I’‘m using the Exodus client in order to test my application. When I come in a group chat on Exodus, I can see the login, message, and time that the user entry in the chat. But with smack API I couldn’'t find out a method that can do it.

  • Is there a method that can retrieve the time of a message?

  • if there isn’'t a method that can to do that, I would like to send messages via XML. Can I do that?

thanks a lot!