Tinder in maven


Can you put Tinder 1.0.0 release in Maven repository?

Thank you,

Bulat Nigmatullin

Hey Bulat,

Sorry for the late response. I’ve missed this post for some reason. Definately, I’ll submit Tinder 1.0.0 to the central Maven repository. I’ll wait a bit until the upcoming 1.1.0 version of Tinder is released (and day now), so I can add both of them in one go.

I’ll have a talk to some of the people of Jive. It’d be nice if they could provide us with a repository of our own. That way, we can have that repo sync with the central repository, saving us all a lot of time.



The upload request has been issued. Progress can be tracked here: http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MAVENUPLOAD-2577

I think it is the right decision to make tinder available via maven repositories. OTOH, tinder 1.1.0 would not work for me due to its system scope dependencies, because they need to be available for both, development and deployment. I suppose this is one reason to switch to libidn in the upcoming version. For the time being I will use code copies and am looking forward to see tinder 1.2.0 or whatever in maven as well.

I’ve noticed the same problem. The system scope dependencies are removed in the upcoming 1.2 release.