TLS and Old SSL support not playing nice

Hi folk!

I have a server set up here at work that requires TLS/SSL. Due to an issue that’‘s being discussed in another thread (gaim-based clients being unable to sever their connection with the server in a reasonable amount of time due to some possible gnutls weirdness?), some of my users are expressing irritation with being forced to use TLS. I do not believe this same issue comes up with old fasioned port 5223 style SSL. As such, I’‘ve been trying to get folk to switch to using that who are complaining. However, I went into gaim’‘s config and set it to use old ssl, and disabled TLS, and set the port to 5223… and then I got an error back that says TLS is required? I verified my configuration and I do indeed seem to have both methods enabled. I don’‘t know if this is standard behavior, but when I go to Security Settings and switch to “Custom” for client security, I see that Old SSL Method is enabled and TLS method is required. If I click save settings, the radio button pops back up to Required. (I’‘m assuming this is because my custom settings are the same as Required) Anyway, this is version 2.6.2. I am thinking about upgrading to 3.0.0 today but I don’'t know if this is still occuring there. All I can figure is that the TLS required is “taking over”, despite old ssl mode being ‘‘just as good’’.

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for the bug report. The issue JM-749 has been fixed and the bug fix will be available in the next nightly build.


– Gato