TLS connection problem for s2s - help please?


I’‘m having problems with doing s2s connection using TLS. I’‘m trying to search from one server to the next for its chatrooms, users, etc. The s2s connections are fine if I don’‘t impose using TLS, but if I set “Server->Security Settings->Server Connection Security” to “Required” TLS, then I get a lot of exceptions in the servers’’ error logs.

I have successfully imported each of the server’'s certificate into each of their “keystore” and “truststore” files hoping that they will recognize each other and allow the TLS handshake but still no luck…

Please have a look at the following post and enlighten me with what to do/try next:

Thank you - Alan𜗬

Have a look at the xmpp specs. You can view it here :

Are you using the smack library ?

Make sure the xml packets you send follow the exact pattern as chapter 5.4 Server-to-Server Example in RFC 3920