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TLS support with Jchat client


We are using OpenFire version 4.1 with Jchat Java client 2.1.8.

After running a Nexus scan it was reported by a warning that is recommended to use 5323 instead the unsecure 5222 port.

We have been checking and the only secure setting that works under 5223 port is using SSL and not TLS (We have tried to enforce TLS 1.2 but no luck).

The funny thing is that in port 5222 you can enforce TLS v1.2 and the client reports the connection is secured.

Is there any way to use secure 5223 port as suggested by Nexus using TLS v1.2 which is the only secure protocol right now that is recommended?



Another option is to drop that junkie Nessus :slight_smile: 5223 port for a long time was called legacy or old ssl. Now it is renamed to Direct TLS. Maybe there is ways to have TLS on this port, but 5222 is the mainstream default for any connection. Nessus seems to be living in the past when 5222 was only used for plain text connections.