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To access jabber server thru WAP

Hi all,

We are group of students trying yo build a communication and messaging application. So far we have a server communicating to a database (Mysql) for user related data. We also have clients sending each other messages and etc.

After this point we want to connect to our jabber server thru WAP. We know that WAP and http are not much different actually. At this point we heard that Jetty server will be easy to integrate on applications such as ours.

The main purpose for us to use WAP will be for changing some client related data in server and sending simple messages (not necessarily chat messages) to other clients.

Do you think smack would help us? If so, can you please describe what kind of way we shall follow.




This question is a bit too general for this forum. I’‘d suggest asking it on the jdev forum at jabber.org instead. However, one approach would be to write a servlet using Smack that returned WAP pages. I’‘m not sure how this would be very useful, though, since the user would probably have to refresh the WAP page manually to see new content. If you pursue the route of using Smack and have specific API questions, you’'re welcome to ask them.