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To enable DB2 copy all of the .jar files and .zip files from the SQLLIB\java dir into the lib dir

I found that the directions on the Database Configuration page regarding DB2 drivers are wrong.

The default driver class provided in the drop down menu can not work unless all of the .jar files are copied from the

DB2 SQLLIB\java directory into OpenFire’s lib directory. The instructions only say to copy the “db2java.zip” file.

Since the JDBC Driver class is “com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver”, clearly the “db2jcc.jar” related jar files must be present…

Since the files are relatively small, just copy all .jar and .zip files into OpenFire’s lib directory to eliminate the configuration error.

Make sure you restart the OpenFire server after copying the files into the lib folder.

  • nobidon