Toast functionality

When testing the 10/27 SVN release I have noticed when connecting to conference rooms or chat windows when the toast functionality is enabled it is showing toast popup messages for each historical message. It should only be showing it for new message after the time of connection. I’m also noticing that at the top of the window the total number of message in the chat/conference history is reported as the number of new messages, these appear to be related issues.

I think i saw such issue in the past, but now i can’t seem to reporduce this with the very latest version.

In the 10/27 build, I’ve narrowed it down to under “group chat” the toat option when “show toast popup when someone says my name”. Otherwise, if this box is unchecked the problem does not exist even if under “notifications” the “show a toast popup” is checked.

Yes. I have this setting (about saying my name) enabled all the time and in the past i always was seeing a bunch of popups when joining the room with some history. Now i don’t. Wonder, maybe the latest work with popups (SPARK-1059) affected this issue too. You can try to reporduce it with the current latest build. 11/04.