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Toggle Jingle

Will the Jingle functionality be configurable via the Enterprise plugin? This would be very helpful in deconflicting calling capabilities within Spark (SIP vs Jingle), especially if additional calling functions are provided via plugins.



Can you tell us which are the related conflits with SIP and jingle on Spark?

This will help us solve this kind of issue.


Hi Thiago,

just in case that you did miss some other threads, there are Openfire admins which would like to disable Jingle within Spark without uninstalling the plugins (using the default Spark installation).

So it would be very nice if one could use Enterprise functions to select which client-side plugins are available. Currently there are only “Enabled/Disabled” options for Broadcast, Avatar, File Transfer and MUC within the Enterprise Plugin. Access control lists would be much nicer as one may want to enable Jingle only for a few users and File Transfer only for the boss who never uses it.

I don’‘t want to take over Dan’'s thread but even without SIP/Jingle problems it may make sense to be able to disable it centrally.


There are no technical conflicts that I know of, but there is a major functional conflict- namely that of having multiple “call” options… if both SIP and Jingle are enabled, then the user has multiple “Call” options on a given contact, and that will cause confusion. Since we are a SIP shop, we’'d like to disable Jingle and enable SIP.

I apologize in advance for spamming, but I need to turn up the flame on this one. (pun intended!)

Recently Spark has been catagorized as VoIP software by my corporate breathern, and unless I can turn off Jingle, I may have to turn off Openfire. VoIP software is strictly forbidden on PC’‘s. I need an administrative mechanism. Instructing users to delete plugins doesn’'t count as a solution.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated. If anyone else out there is interesting in controlling availability of Jingle, speak up. Jive listens to the Community.

PS, please don’'t say that it will be included in the Enterpri$e version.