Too bad service support in XIFF forum

Too bad service support in XIFF forum. Who’s boss here on earth?


I am really disappointed by the XIFF support in general, not only in the forum.

Each time I come on, the first thing I check is the XIFF version and it’s been months and months the same numbers are visible: 2.0.0-beta4.

I read somewhere on the forums there is a AS3 version, but I can’t find it and I really have no time going through all the posts looking for it, and worse, the lack of documentation of the current version is becoming one of the major black points.

I find it is inconceivable to leave such a product immature and not documented for so long while it is clear that people are asking for it and still find it useful and it fits their needs. Personnally, I’ve chosen Wildfire/Openfire for the only reason I found the XIFF lib to base my website’s chat on it.

I can understand the dev team hasn’t got enough time, but I think it is time to decide what to do with it.