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Too many processes!

I wish to know why im getting about 30 proceses running when I started JM in my Linux box, this is the description of the process (they are all the same one):

root 1376 1372 0 Aug18 ? 00:00:00 ./jre/bin/java -server -classpath ./jre/lib/charsets.jar:./jre/lib/javaplugin.jar:./jre/lib/jce.jar:./jre/lib/jss e.jar:./jre/lib/rt.jar:./jre/lib/sunrsasign.jar:./lib/fcserver.jar:./lib/moderat or.jar:./lib/changenick.jar:./lib/invisibleadmin.jar:./lib/fclib.jar:./lib/log4j .jar:./lib/jdom.jar:./lib/xerces.jar:./lib/mysql.jar com.topcmm.jchat.FCServer

What version of linux are you running? Older JVM’'s used to allocate a new process for each thread (since processes were cheap and the unix way™). It might also be related to the thread library that your version of linux is built with.

It’'s normal behavior, but the fix is to upgrade both jvm and linux to their latest release.


Im using Slackware 10, and the JVM its the one that comes in the RPM distribution of the JM 2.2.1

The strange thing is that I have about 30 process running in my box when I dont have ANY online users.

That’'s normal because Jive will preallocate threadpools to handle multiple requests.

can execute the following:


java -version

And post it here?

It depends on if your distribution uses Linux threads or NPTL.

Under Linux Threads each thread is a cloned lightweight process.

Not something to worry about, it’‘s just how it’'s done.

If it freaks you out, instead of ‘‘ps aux’’ try ‘‘pstree -G’’

This article explains it pretty well:


In a quoted nutshell:

“Since Linux threads are implemented as a cloned process, each Java thread appeared as a new Linux process. The advantage of this approach was that the threads implementation was simple and stable.”