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Topic of a multiuserchat room is not sharing among different nodes of openfire + hazelcast


I installed openfire server in 2 different machines, I configured hazelcast plugin, so I have 2 nodes now. When I create a room(conference) with some domain.com, It was creating a room, and I added a participant in that room, so now 2 participants are there in the room including owner. Up to now working fine. It is showing 2 participants in that room. room id also sharing among 2 different servers.

** Problem is, Topic in the Room Settings **is not matching in 2 different nodes. Please find the image files which I attached. Please solve my problem.

Looks like MUC room subject/topic changes are not being propagated across the cluster. I have opened OF-661 to track this issue.

This should be fixed in the next nightly build and will be included with the pending 3.8.2 release.

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Can you tell me, Which date nightly build has to download to test the subject/topic issue?, whether it is working after fix.

Fix should be in all builds 2013-04-19 and later.


Does this correct the issues with user permissions not syncing between clustered nodes?

As stated here: http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/49953


Now, MUC room subject/topic changes are being propagated across the cluster.** Thank you very much for the fix**, when It would be the official/stable release of openfire 3.8.2?.

I have one question, Suppose if one of the node fails after conneted to that particular node, how to switch the session with out relogin to other member(active) of the cluster. Is their any configuration required at hazelcast, Please tell me how to configure if it is there.

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