Total newbie wants to make a chat site...but where does the server go?


I have an idea for a public-facing chat site. The front end will be Flex, which I’m learning now…but I’m really, really hazy went it comes to the back end. I’m looking at Openfire for the chat server.

I get the sense reading here that openfire is mostly used by people who run their own web servers, for intranets or the web. Is this so? I googled “hosting openfire” and nothing much comes up. What am I missing here? Clearly something basic. Is it possible to get off-the-shelf hosting with an openfire server? Sorry to ask such basic questions, googling and jumping around this site did not help.

I’m just trying to get the path in my head:

  1. Install openfire on my laptop

  2. Configure the server

  3. Get it running and working with the front end

  4. Pick a url and get hosting for it

  5. This is where it gets hazy…do I then upload the server to that site, and change that site’s config/security files? Or go to a specialized site that allows openfire servers to operate? Or buy a dedicated-server hosting service? Or run my own site?



If you want to run openfire for a bunch of people online you need a server with root access. for a monthly payraid you can get those things from an isp (internet service provider) you choose.

in my mind “openfire hosting” wount bring you a match cause no isp sells their webspace for explicit “openfire hosting”.

I am based in germany so i`ll give you the known big hoster here - hope this will help you out.


Host Europe


i am a customer of Host Europe an their Virtual Server fitts the needs for openfire.


Thanks Rene–that clears things up.