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Total Noob

Greetings to all,

I am going to start out by sayin i’m a Total Noob on this and wanted to use openfire for XMPP chat in my organization.

Here is my dilemma.

I’m using Open fire 3.9.3 and doing a brand new install;

Requirement is to use the built in database with the install and to configure with Ldap.

So when looking through the LDAP guide its kinda outdated, but attempted to go step by step.

So i.e.

Host: Domaincontroller.Domainname

Basdn: Domainname

Administrator DN: Full DSQUERY string (for an administrator in my group) CN=(NAME),OU=AD Container, DC=Domain…

when getting to the end to ad an administrator account from LDAP it fails to find.

I need assistance on seting this up with LDAP

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Side note… If possible I need to get this accomplished in 2 business days if anyone has time to help?

Does it work if you use an LDAP browser?

Is there a firewall in between?

Openfire should write logs - are they all error-free?

Firewall is off

Per the log it showed java exceptions (Unknown Source)

and LDP is unable to connect

Post the exception here. You may want to replace private info.

Per Config Settings

Host: DC1.hossindustries.com Port: 389

Basedn: DC=hossindustries,DC=com

Administrator DN: CN=eddie.adm,CN=HIAdmins,DC=hossindustries,DC=com

Unable to copy the logs right now but it will take a little while to get if that is ok?

Does “telnet DC1.hossindustries.com 389” open a connection or does it fail?


Also saw LDAPError code 49 / 52e if that helps?

I did type my credentials in correctly so I’m kinda lost on this one?

I have attempted multiple versions of Administrator DN with no success.

Can someone given examples of the DN properties of the setup?

Issue is now Resolved…

Again I am a total Noob on this but I’ll post what I have for future reference.

Here is my Information on server side:

DC1 (name of Server for AD)

hossindustries.com (domain name)

eddie.adm (admin account (but any account will do))



Active Directory

Host: dc1.hossindustries.com

Port: (left default) 389

BaseDN = (because I have multiple OU’s I’m using the root) DC=HOSSINDUSTRIES,DC=COM

Administrator DN: eddie.adm@hossindustries.com

Password (Used NT Password)

When I got to add administrators it was successful.