Tracking all the chats

I’‘m trying to get an IM to work for our company. They require that we save all sent messages. I’‘ve seen Spark saves the chat history very nicely. But I have a hard time finding where it is keeping the log files. I’'ve set Wildfire to “audit message packets.”

Also, is there a way to disable “disable chat history.” in the spark general chat settings?

Thanks for your time!

Hi Paul,

if this is a Spark Q it would be better asked in the Spark forum.

There’‘s no way to disable “disable chat history” within Spark - one could make the ini file read-only but this would still allow that one deletes the client side log files manually. This option is only for client-side log files and has nothing to do with Wild- / Openfire’'s Audit Log option.

If you are using Windows look in the %userprofile%\Spark folder for log and ini files of Spark. On Linux it should be either ~/Spark or ~/.Spark.

Wildfire’‘s Audit Log option writes simple XML log files, there’'s also the Enterprise Plugin available with logging to the database and some query functions.