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Tracking User Login History

Hello Ignite World,

Is there a way to track user login history? I would like to know when a user logs in and for how long. I realized you can check the last time they logged on, but is there a way to show history or at the very least login and logoff times that I can pull on a daily basis without having to watch my buddy list 24/7?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

There is no built-in option to track this. So, you will have to create a plugin for this (can’t help with that, but this should be possible). Login information is available in the Sessions page (start of the session), though not sure if this is saved into a database. If it does, then it probably possible to just make queries to the database and pull all the information you need. Otherwise you will have to create a code which will pull the information from the sessions manager. Log out information is stored in the database. So by checking the session start time and log out time of a particular user you can determine when he has logged in and for how long. Though you will have to poll that info quite often. Because if one log outs and login again, this infor will change. So you have to keep that in mind.

Also, sometimes Log out values don;t populate into database. So this can affect the results a bit.


The UserStatus Plugin may be what you need: https://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1320


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darly, should we used sql database instead of embedded db to use it?

when i try to download plugin http://maven.reucon.com/projects/public/user-status/ , the error appeared

04 - Retrieval of /com/reucon/openfire/plugins/user-status/1.0.3/user-status-1.0.3.jar from M2Repository(id=opensource-snapshots) is forbidden by repository policy SNAPSHOT.

Retrieval of /com/reucon/openfire/plugins/user-status/1.0.3/user-status-1.0.3.jar from M2Repository(id=opensource-snapshots) is forbidden by repository policy SNAPSHOT.

On the document it says that only MySQL is supported and on the project’s page MySQL, PostgreSQL and DB2. As i think nobody is developing this plugin anymore, i doubt it will support any other database.

Not sure how did you manage to pull 1.0.3 if it has 1.1.0 for download here https://nexus.reucon.com/content/repositories/opensource-snapshots/com/reucon/op enfire/plugins/user-status/1.1.0-SNAPSHOT/

attaching the latest version
user-status-1.1.0-20090630.111623-1.jar (33755 Bytes)