Is my conversation on spark traceable? Is it really private or can someone monitor my privacy?

Thank you

Depends on the configuration of a server and Spark itself.

First of all SSL/TLS encryption has to be enabled, so conversation won’t be transferred as a plain text over the network. If Spark is showing a little lock icon in the bottom of its contacts window, then it means encryption is enabled.

There can be a few settings enabled on the server (by an administrator) to collect messages on the server. Only administrator can tell if it is enabled or not.

Spark is usually saving its conversation history locally on the disk. These files can also be accessed and read. You can disable saving of history in Spark’s settings.

And lastly, in Spark you can enable OTR plugin and use it when chatting (both sides has to enable and use it). This way conversation is encrypted by Spark and such messages will be saved as unreadable trash, if server is collecting them. But it can still be read in Spark or its local history files, so one should disable local history to be completely sure that nobody will read his old conversations.