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Transfer chat doesn't work, Openfire Spark Fastpath incompatibility

I take up Latest Spark ( With Fastpath) and use it with latest openfire ( 3.7.1).

I trigger a chat transfer from one agent to another agent. I see the transfer happen, but the Chat Tab Title with some random string and the Rightside MetaData Pane not showing up.

But, I take up the same spark fastpath and I use it with old version of openfire.

It works fine.

Debugging Information:

1) I connect the latest spark with old version of openfire. The openfire sents an Chat Offer, so spark treats it just like a plain chat request and

it works fine ( I mean it displays meta data pane just fine)

  1. Now, I connect with latest versions. I see following XML Response.

It seems the spark ( with fastpath plugin) doesn’t support this invite/message kind IQ Packet.


<invite from="anetap@pushchat36a.ivycomptech.co.in">

I’m transferring this conversation to you.

Can anyone look into this.