Transfer rate too slow

I’m using spark 2.5.8 on both WinXP and Linux (Fedora 8). When transfer file between WinXP to WinXP and WinXP to Linux, the rate is fast. But when transfer from Linux to WinXP, the rate too slow.

I am transferring files through openfire enterprise 3.5.0 to others, well I’m trying anyway, from OS X (Leopard) using Spark 2.5.8 to those on XP & OS X, and it is unusably slow. In fact, if the file is larger than a couple hundred K, it will just fail after some very long amount of time. I have tried to spot something in the error log, but nothing interesting yet. Port tcp/7777 is open in the firewall & port forwarded to the jabber server. There are no SRV records in DNS for this, if those are somehow needed, and I’m not sure if they are (I keep bugging my DNS vendor to add SRV records & theyre expected soon) then the server will be able to be found automatically, and I wonder if that will matter.

Any and all advice is welcome.




PS: huge thanks to the great work & the guys at jive for opening up the Ent Ed of the server, which was already a great piece of software.