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Translated Text


in German, not the hole Text is translated. The Text what is not translated:

Away --> “Abwesend”

Extented Away “Länger Abwesen”

On Phone --> Am Telefon

Do not disturb --> Bitte nicht stören

Free to chat --> Frei zum unterhalten

Another in the comminucation:

Notify when the user goes offline. --> Benachrichtigen wenn ein Anwender sich abmeldet.

Notify when the user goes online. --> Benachrichtigen wenn ein Anwender sich anmeldet.

Check for beta updates. --> Überrüfen von Beta Verbesserungen.

Chat Room font size --> Nachrichtenfester Zeichengröße

Contact List font size --> Kontaktliste Zeichengröße


if you ask me it was a crazy idea of Derek to allow the translation of “Online”, so everyone in the world can now read “Verfügbar” or something like this and wonder what this means. So I see no need to translate the other presence states. Or one should at least make sure that Spark sends out always the English version and translate incoming presence states to German so that only the German client sees all contacts as “Verfügbar / Nicht stören! / …”. Not sure where “please” is included in “DND”.