Translation Memory

Hi all,

I don’'t know if anyone already had the idea (most likely: yes) of integrating a translation memory as a plugin for Wildfire. A translation memory, in short, is a XML file that holds sentences of one language (for example English) and the corresponding translation of the target language (for example Japanese).

I had the idea to create a chat tool that supports language learning, making it easy for the users to build and access their own translation memories, as well as using those memories to for computer aided translation in the long run.

So, my first question is (before I go into any detail with other things): Does such a plugin for Wildfire (or any other Jabber distribution) already exist, or is anyone currently working on one?

Thanks alot in advance!



(PS: I’‘m a bit of a newbie here, so I hope my question isn’'t too naive. Yes, I already googled the net with 200+ different key words and phrases on this subject.


This could certainly be built as a plugin, and I’'m not aware of anything currently like it. There are some efforts to integrate commercial translation engines into XMPP servers like Wildfire. For example, see the following translation JEP:

If you start working on this and need any help, let us know!