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Good afternoon. It would like to know as I make to translate the Spark for Portuguese BR. In case that it does not have translation for Portuguese BR, as I make to make the translation archive. It would like to also know as to disactivate the ortográfico corrector of the Spark.

Translation - Altavista

Gostaria de saber como faço para traduzir o Spark para Portugues BR.

Caso não tenha tradução para Portugues BR, como faço para fazer o arquivo de tradução.

Gostaria de saber também como desativar o corretor ortográfico do Spark.

Texto Original.

Minelli, do u tryed install spark on a win BR? here spark are in

portuguese for default, i think the only thing needed is a regional

settings in portuguese. Sorry if i was saying something wrong, i really

dont remember how to translate, because i use a customized version with

msi installer, but i never translated this customized install, i think

spark is in portuguese all time.

To disable the corrector, just

access spark menu / preferences / chat / uncheck automatic verification

(verificação automática).

If u want more details, please send

me a private message, cause i think is not correct speak in portuguese

here in those forum threads.

I hope that helps you.




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